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From the beginning you will see the difference and be convinced you made the right decision for your office and your patient. We will contact you promptly after receiving your faxed referral and let you know prior authorization status or copay information. We will work with you step by step to ensure patient compliance and on-time delivery. We believe in a high touch model which will benefit you and your patients. We will assist the patient if they need copay assistance and assist you with the prior authorization process. We also coordinate nurse trainings for patients with one of our skilled nurses. Nurses will educate the patients on proper administration as well as answer any questions they may still have regarding their therapy. When calling EntrustRx, you will be able to speak with the same care coordinator so you can always get a quick answer to your questions. Give us a try and you will see why we are the specialty pharmacy with a personal touch.

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Alpha 1 Deficiency
Asthma & Allergy
Blood Cell Deficiency
Crohn's Disease
Cystic Fibrosis
Endocrine Disorders
Enzyme Deficiency
Growth Deficiency
Hereditary Angioedema
Immune Deficiency
Inflammatory Disease
Iron Toxicity
Juvenile Arthritis
Multiple Sclerosis
Ophthalmic Conditions*
Oral Oncology
Pulmonary Hypertension
Respiratory Syncytial Virus
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Ulcerative Colitis
*Specialty only

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